I'm super anxious when it comes to sharing my music taste

| And I don't even think that there is something strange about it, classy indie, post-punk, rock mixed with Britney and anime ost. What's wrong with me?

| your music taste sucks

| I feel like it's a pretty normal thing. I have mostly listen to rap, and so do my friends, but even then I sometimes feel anxious about sharing must music. Like, I'm not anxious about my taste of genre or even songs, I just for some reason get uncomfortable with sharing music in general. It's gotten better over time, but I still can't share sometimes even though I want to, because of that.

| I feel you OP, I used to feel anxious about sharing my music taste because people would say that it was weird and stuff like that or they would not seen very interested when I showed my friends songs

| Feel you too, your music taste doesn't seem strange and I don't think mine is either but I don't like when people ask me what I listen to, I feel like they're going to judge me.

| I guess this is pretty common, huh? I don't feel comfortable sharing my music taste too.

| It's probably because it's a very personal thing. I use music as a coping mechanism. An escape. I use it to immerse myself in it, feel the feelings the artist is portraying, hype myself up or let myself stay sad for a while. I feel like it's the same way for everyone else as well, so talking openly about something that can be so closely connected to your own feelings, it makes sense to be anxious about it. Having a song that means a lot to you get shit on is not fun.

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