Do I have shit taste?

| I only ever know mainstream music. You know, whatever trends on mainstream media. I tried listening to different music but to be honest, I rarely get to like them.

| No, you have taste in commercial music, and I'm probably gonna get shat on for saying that, but it's just as valuable as having any taste at all.
If you connect with it, so be it. If it gives you the feels and vibes and whatnot, that's just it.

| you are basic and there's just nothing about you

| Yeah its fine and you're valid. A lot of recent pop has dipped its toe into EDM so try that!

| Just because your taste is bland and boring doesn't mean you're not valid, op!

| It's fine. Every music is good as long as you like them really. People who often throw around "good/real music" generally dk shet about music theory to even know what good is. So ignore these folks.

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