Just found this ahaha. I'm Palm Fires (^_^)

| https://boards.dangeru.us/mu/thread/562018

thank you for the kind words. this really made my day <3

| Heya Fires! There's a few threads here that you've recieved shoutouts in. You can search the archive for them. Restrict the board to /mu/, and search thread contents too. You've got a few fans here, and I'm one!

| >>53f7db that's so cool to hear. i was thinking about doing another va-11 hall-a inspired track so i decided to stop by here again and see what's going on. glad you enjoy the music, thank you for listening <3

| >>656731
I'm looking foreward to it!
Related to Jill? Sei? Dana? Can't wait!

| Imma be honest, I came across your work about a week ago. I really love your style. I get some cassette futurism/cyberpunk vibes mixed with dream pop when I listen to some of your pieces. Love it. Keep up the good work 'v'

| >>c60359 i'm thinking sei (^_^).

>>79d16b i think that's a great description. those are all styles i love and it's cool to see their influence come through in my own sounds.

| Sei is a qtπ

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