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Study music

| So what do you g/u/rls listen to for studying? I could use some recommendations

| i like listening to any instrumental music when i need to focus, lyrics distract me for some reason. jazz, slow electronic music, and occasionally chiptune are what i usually go for

| Instrumental music mostly. I can't focus when I'm listening to lyrics. Bossa nova, Nujabes, and classical music are my go-to's. Lo-fi when I'm feeling lazy.

| Video game music is designed to make you focus while not noticing the music itself.

Just don't try it with your favorite tunes since it can make you want to listen lol

| >>05789b makes sense considering vocals are really dentrimental to working memory, btw chiptune sounds really fun!

>>62b5e2 you have great taste fren, rip Nujabes tho : (

>>5081ea tbh it depends on the game itself, for example games like MGR and DOOM has dynamic music. It changes based on the flow of the game and what is happening on the screen, that is why it is hard to compartmentalize the two

Also yeah, I also dont want to rip&tear my textbook lmao

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This thread is permanently archived