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cyberpunk music idk

| yo give me some music that gives you cyberpunk vibe or smth d-_-b

| Va-11 Hall-A OST and some private, unreleased tracks that a homie made. That's honestly all I can think of right now.

| Is cyberpunk horror okay? Because Pertubator owns that scene.

| Risk of rain osts have some nice synthy sounds

| 2814 - 新しい日の誕生 is probably the most cyberpunk album I've ever come across.

| everything by Ed Harrison. his Neotokyo soundtrack is jaw-droppingly good

| https://soundcloud.com/sarahina if you can find them

| Snatcher ost

| https://youtu.be/B9RH5hwBw-A
w u s o 命 & Sangam - Gaze

| Kuedo Severant

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This thread is permanently archived