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How to improve your voice?

| I'm trying out singing and stuff, but my delivery on everything is really bad and my tone is not exactly the one I want. Since it's mostly rap I don't need to sound like Adele or some shit, but it still needs to sound good.

Of course, working on my confidence and just doing it more often would over time make me better, but is there any good tips you g/u/rls have, or anything specific that is good at teaching it? Some exercise or something?

| for faster raps it's important to know when to breathe

also practice jumping from note to note, like a high one to a low one and vice versa

| pour your soul into that, g/u/rl.
sometimes it's better to give up a bit of technicality.
if you wanna improve technically, there's always singing lessons or choir.

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I'm decent at rapping fast, that's not really a problem. The problem is how I sometimes fuck up entire words or sentences, even though I wrote the lyrics myself, memorized them and have them right in front of me. It's weird.

I don't really have a lot of changes in notes in the songs, but that's probably good practice either way.

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I do pour my soul into it. Well, at least into the lyrics, and I try with the recordings as well, but this isn't Naruto, you know? Believing in myself doesn't change the fact that I'm kind of shit. Well, I'm usually able to rap fine in different environments. Like, when I'm with friends and stuff, but recording was very different.

There is, but I'm not really interested in that.

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Good to know you're feeling your lyrics !

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I really am! Writing lyrics is a lot of fun, and I can mix bullshit and fun stuff with more serious stuff. I love it! I'm just shit at performing them. At least when I'm recording.

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