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Anyone's got songs with this sad kinda vibe?

| https://youtu.be/LYLsiCJ1MVw
just wanna collect some music you and i could listen to at night, feeling borderline suicidal, regretting every second spent on being alive :)

| regretting being alive is useless, it does not bring you anything, so cut the losses and ignore depression altogether

you know Girl in red?

| it's just one of the things i do at certain nights when i feel deeply depressed, kinda like a tradition

thx for the song btw, it's pretty nice

| >>650973
so what dyou wanna do? get depress? vibe in the moment? get comfy? you're on your own time now, you know

| >>650980 i just lay on my couch and think about all the sad things, sometimes combined with self-harm which i honestly don't find the actual appeal of

and no, i'm not in my teens

| >>650988
so you're just getting yourself depressed. really useless activity..

| https://youtu.be/VCVtqwu3_vg
>>650997 not really, i just give into the feeling and flow with it, kinda like a meditation session. doesn't sound like a useless activity, if you ask me

also, i'm pretty sure this is supposed to be a music thread. whatever my mental issues are - i'll deal with them myself, one way or another

| >>651029
I don't think meditating on being sad or depressed is a good thing to do. You're building pathways in your mind that will keep you sad and depressed forever.

When you decide you want to get better it'll be much harder if you've meditated yourself into that state of being.

I feel this is a much more important message to convey to you than some sad song recommendations. I'm not sure I want to share mine with someone who's using them for serious self-harm.

| >>651034 chill, i'm just some rando on the internet who's got their own ways of dealing with things in their life. whether one of them is self-deprecation or otherwise is not relevant here

| >>651045
You probably shouldn't have brought it up in detail in your opening post if you didn't want us to focus on it.

| alright fucker let's make you depressed then

| >>651054 sorry, i just tend to sound a bit dramatic at times

>>651055 <3

| Kero Kero Bonito - Time n Place
idk but I think this kind of album would be better to listen


| >>651064
homo retard

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atyaT-tMIf0

| >>650973
I feel deeply dressed in waves too like that. Even though it ends I know it'll come back eventually especially when I'm doing fine and all.

it gives me comfort knowing you now and I hope I can give you some too...

| Holy fucking shit I cringed so hard at that op it hurts

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FSVPnVLUUQ

| https://youtu.be/_OLoUR5z-90
>>651915 thx, wish you well <3

>>652018 yeah, i'm the embodiment of cringe, probably the only thing i've ever succeeded at, being a huge cringe to everyone around me. oh well

| All the songs of Crystal Castles! ???? Sad AF

| If you need to cry do it!, is good for you emotions, mind & soul and if you need to talk I can read you

| >>652427 this is /mu/, not /u/, so i'd much prefer to keep my problems to myself, but i appreciate the gesture

| Cavetown has some good stuff

| >>652969 +1

| I don't have anything with that style, but Kevin's Heart by J.Cole and Keisha's Song by Kendrick Lamar are good songs that are pretty sad/melancholic.

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