Help Finding a song on Radi/u/

| So I was listening to Radi/u/ a while back and I found a song called "OHPLEASEDONT - YOU'RE CUUUUUTE" and took a screen shot of the name to find later because I liked it, but when I looked for it later on I couldn't find it anywhere. I'm now turning to you guys to help me, any help would be appreciated!

| Here: https://www.last.fm/music/OHPLEASEDONT/_/YOU%27RE+CUUUUUTE

Seems like it's exclusive to the Tidal streaming service, but it has a free trial. So if you just use that you can probably download it or worst case do a screen rec and turn it into MP3 or some shit. That's the only place I could find it though.

| OHPLEASEDONT removed his presence anywhere, I still have this album saved though. give me a few hours and I'll send it over here

| Could you upload the album to MEGA.nz and send it?

| Send it pls

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