Synthesizer app released for free during quarantine

| The app Kaossilator from Korg is free to download and keep until 20th of Mars on both Android and iOS. Which is pretty sweet since it usually costs $20 / 20€

Moog’s Minimoog Model D is iOS only but is also temporarily free.

The apps can be found on their respective app store.

Let's download them and make some loops, g/u/rls!

| thanks g/u/rl very excited to try korg

| Wow, thanks. Will mess around with this tomorrow.

| Just to clarify these apps are free to keep forever if you download them before the 20th of Mars on Android or the 30th on iOS.

| Nice.

| Very nice! Thank you.

| Thank you!

| Never tried making music before, but this is fun. Thank you!

| Wow that's a very sweet gift thanks for the heads up OP
Nice to know you get to keep it too

| Thanks g/u/rl!!!!!!>>635370

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