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Most obscure artist you know

| Wanna know stuff
Mine would be ulu, a japanese artist that like exists i guess. He aint even on discogs and shit and like has three albums floating around. What about yall

| I met a guy on discord who goes by the name Neurolucifer. I'm one of his 13 monthly listeners.

| Deadman and maybe a band called M? They are both older visual kei bands that disbanded. I heard that deadman did a revival live though on my birthday

| OHPLEASEDONT maybe? I only saw one album by him on bandcamp and I think it's not even available anymore

| Yahzick. He's almost got 7.5k monthly, but, I mean, he's very underground. He's no joke a D&D rapper, but half the songs in his only album are deeper and/or social commentary with a D&D term or spell as a name and metaphor. I recommend listening to him if you want something that's ironic and basically one big bit, but surprisingly fire.

| Me. The only audiences are six cats in my house.

| YASUpochiGuitar, he did the guitar music from the game Ib. He has made so many other compositions though and they exist on YouTube.

>>673912 Woah, deja vu I have his album Entropy and I found him while browsing Lain remixes on YouTube. Got his server invite or discord tag?

| the complaint register, I've only listened to one of their albums on (across- live songs) but they've got a cool industrial/lo-fi noise thing goin on

| fucking pi-name

there is literally not a single record of their existence outside of the one single they've released (sakurasnow) and this fact has a tendency to come up and get on my nerves for an entire day every once in a while

| Gotta say Dawn Sanctum, progressive metal collective that has like idk, 500 listeners at most. It's really sad that they got almost no attention, if you like that kind of stuff, go check them out.


| I know most the gurls on this board probably know them, but Palm Fires is the most obscure artist I know about. I listen to all their songs and it saddens me when I see they dont get many views.

| Snail Bob
The Shaggs

| >>626904 I think its kasse#5428

| Micachu and the Shapes. but last year they changed their name to Good Sad Happy Bad. Never is honestly top 15 albums and I love it. Micachu also did the soundtrack to Under the Skin so that's really cool too.

| Sewerslvt

| >>f1ad45 sewerslvt has been trending on bandcamp for the past month

| same with on youtube

| Aphex Twin

| Well, if you don't count in quality, then it would be myself as I also make music as my hobby. For real tho, A Himitsu is a very obscure one. I discovered his track "Lost Within" from the rarest animal mutation comparison video and it's been my fave since.

| Also chimmoku is pretty obscure although not that obscure

| ░░disease▒▒

| Me because I haven't released shit

| Oh yea forgotta mention ulus albums are psyche, fortuna and alma if ya wanna check him out

| Richard in Your Mind is an obscure author that definitely needs more attention

Naaahhh is probably the most obscure and Yakumo Love is likely only really obscure because I dont live in the same country as them

| sweet hart, he's a noise artist from australia with a few hundred listens per track

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