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Move over vaporwave...

| Because tonight we're jamming to microwave!

| I can't believe I laughed at this.

| >>623028 my work here is done.

| Thank you op. This really brightens my day a little.

| Microwave is Jack Stauber's Micropop played at 50% speed

| OP here again! Just dropping some microwave in the thread for anyone interested in listening together! Stay cool g/u/rls! https://youtu.be/o8tDvP5a4dY

| On an interesting side note, apparently there's a band named microwave. And oddly enough, I'd jam to it unironically. Let me know what you think. HTTPS://microwavetheband.bandcamp.com/

| Ah, let's try that again. https://microwavetheband.bandcamp.com/

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This thread is permanently archived