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Song Lyrics Thread and Discussion

| Post song lyrics that you think are pretty cool and you're reasoning. For me I have:
"I've been writing on your ghost page babe
And I would check it every day
We'll be together till the end of time
I'll be scrolling through your shrine" - Red Vox, Ghost Page
It reminds me of those Facebook memorials of dead people and that concept is so horrifyingly fascinating.

| "Imma dip my balls into some Thousand Island Dressing... 'cause I got depression." -Zack Fox, Jesus Is The One (I Got Depression)

Also that concept is really interesting. I have a friend on steam who passed away and all his profile comments felt like a mini e-funeral.

| You just reminded me of another Zack. Zack Hill from Deathgrips.
"I close my eyes and seize it
I clench my fists and beat it
I light my torch and burn it
I am the beast I worship." -Death Grips, Beware
It's strange how some artists lyrics are so different depending on how they're sang, the stanza almost sounds like a preaching especially with the beast part.

| Death Grips almost always sounds like some otherworldly preaching.


| Child in time has the best lyrics ever.
Fight me.

| King Crimson's songs are always so chock full of meaning. 21st century Schizoid man is apparently about the Vietnam war.

| "If I could, man, I would never change shit"
-Rich Brian, Curious

I think I like that line so much because I relate to it a lot. The song is basically about life and both the good and the bad parts about the kind of life he lives, and he ends it with that line. I've been through and am currently going through a lot of, well, not good stuff, but I'm still grateful for the things I have and the people around me, and I wouldn't want to change any off it. It just made me happy.

| >>040bc1
To whatever reason that makes me think of Edo G, Wishing,
"I wish we wasn't so obsessed with death
Tell me is it cause we blessed with less?
I don't know really
I wish the world was safer, I'm scared to travel abroad
That's why I travel with the Lord"
It a somewhat hopeful if not melancholic song of dreaming of a better future. But I prefer the Botanicsage's mashup of this song with Balcony from Cavestory Wich gives it a desperate feeling that works with the lyrics.

| >>616099
Ooh. I might check that out. Sounds right up my alley.

| (I'm >>040bc1 btw)

| I'm a big fan of cold noir jazz and big band lyrics with a good example being,
"Ill be rollin place to place
Wont stop till I win the race
Although I may have crossed the line
No time to waste on you
I dont plan on slowing
Down - No Ill keep on going
Even if you think Im in the wrong
Just know that
Although I may not think everything through
I dont take back what I say or regret what I do" -Connor Spiotto, The Villain I Appear to Be.
They're always so smooth and slick.

| There's an EP by Palm called Shadow Expert. Two songs in it involve losing two toes to frostbite. But, I can't find any information about the artists regarding their number of remaining toes, so I'm curious as to whether or not one of them lost two of their toes, or, if not, why they wrote the songs.

| >>b94cb9
Just took a listen and I was not expecting math rock. They have great and precise playing, the first song on the EP gave me the feeling of an amateur runner with the tempo slowing down and picking up again. I'd have to look up the lyrics another time, but if I'd have to guess it's not so much about the toes, but the fact of losing it to frostbite as the first things to be lost during frostbite are your toes, fingers, and nose. So it's like they got out of some kind of-

| -cold situation with them only losing the bare minimum from the situation. And the general idea of having to live without important digits for walking this making it harder to walk as normally as before almost like trauma. But thats all probably just a stretch.

| >>814390
I'd have to respectfully disagree. There only really is one paragraph of lyrics and they seem to be a plain dissection of the Vietnam war. The instrumentals are stellar, but the lyrics could have been less on the nose. I prefer Highway star out of the Deep Purple catalog.

| >>d6984b
Is that a meme or legit?

| I like almost every lyric from Tyler the Creator's Flower Boy album.

| Bo. Burnham.

| >>617494
He always struck me as more of a comedian than a musician, but even that aside his lyrical work is clever, but a bit too on the nose for my prefrences, but that doesnt make him a bad artist, just not my type.

| "All my bitches ten"
-Playboi Carti

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