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Obscure artists

| What are some obscure artists you like? Got a soft spot for Abney Park and Groundbreaking myself. The latter has lost a lot of popularity and faded back into obscurity. I've been itching for some new music to listen to, any suggestions? Maybe help bring some new listeners to those obscure music artists.

| these guys
they're so obscure, no one even knows who they are.

| One of my favs. Japanese ambient.

| kagami smile is goood ▶ Kagami Smile - NIGHT SWIMMING by DREAM CATALOGUE - https://m.soundcloud.com/dreamcatalogue/kagami-smile-night-swimming

| Dub FX is really good. Like his song Made.


| I don't know if 235k monthly listens counts as obscure, but if it does then definitely Kate Tempest. She has a very unique style, and her albums tell really good, raw, hard hitting stories about people and society.

Her most popular track: https://open.spotify.com/track/3I5vi9XbNrEsPdhcJhlfgY?si=JbVpu4sXRhmXmhGTX_XbJw

| obscure is one of those things that's tough to define. on /r/vintageobscura they limit it to under 30k views on yt for any given related track

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