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Music recommend thread

| Hi there /mu/ if you ever meet someone who want to get into music, what would you recommend him to listen?

| why should i tell you

| The idea of someone "getting into music" seems kinda absurd to me. Like, everyone listens to music in one way or the other, what the fuck does "getting into music" really mean then? Trying to understand music? Making a playlist? Finding good bands?

| Op is so socially inept that he tries to stealth request music.
That's cute.

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| >>612917

| >>612917 I don't want to join the army, I don't want to go to war.

I'd rather hang around Piccadilly underground, living of the earnings of a high born lady...

| >>19ea4d
Why not?
Yeah I feel like a retard for typing that

| >>612932
what posts are you fucking replying to?

| >>612933
Wait I was meant to reply to their post not their ids! I feel retard

| >>612934 don't we all, sometimes?

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| >>612905 I'd say lofi for chilling and some Alice Cooper if you're feeling funky.

| >>612983

| It depends on a lot of things, but personally I might recommend 2pac or Kendrick Lamar, just because they're artist I really enjoy listening to and not that hard to get into.

| My go-to is always video-games OST like Persona 5 or Va11_Hall-A. You get a lot of variety from indie musicians as well.

| >>612917 This

| >>612905 Neutral Milk Hotel and Car Seat Headrest

| Ryan Celsius, has gotten me laid a few times

| >>8e77c0
my go-to album to show people is sweet trip's album you will never know why. its gentle and airy and pretty and REALLY good

| Susan Vega - Tom's Diner

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This thread is permanently archived