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Playboi Carti

| I don't except this board to be into mumble rap but whatever.
His popularity has risen so much thanks to Kid Cudi, and to be honest, I started to learn about him because of Magnolia and started to really get into him after Kid Cudi was leaked.
There's just stuff I like about him.
>the beats are often too good thanks to his great producer Pierre Bourne
>his adlib and his voices are good, even at repetitive songs like Home, Big Bank and Top.
>he will never drop whole lotta red

| >he has previously done songs with lil uzi vert
sadly they don't seem to be in good terms, 'went to another route' according to uzi.
To be honest, most of his contents are leaks, it's like deep web, except the surface is his spotify/apple music and the deep part being his leaks.
Would recommend listening to:
Long Time
No Time
100 Racks
Molly (leak)
Kid Cudi (leak)
Goku (leak)
Cancun (leak)
She Wanna (leak)

| >where can i find leaks?
They can be easily found in Soundcloud, Spotify or if you lurk harder you will get an entire dropbox folder consisting of leaks.

| In new york i milly rock
Hide it in my sock.

But for real Carti is good! So glad to hear him in "EARFQUAKE" too

| I've probably heard some of his stuff, and I've heard both good and bad stuff about him. Might give him a listen because of this.

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This thread is permanently archived