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Futuristic Classical

| Went to an orchestra today, thought it'd be cool if there were instruments that try to replicate classical instruments, but with a futuristic twist. Also thought about what a classical synthwave would sound like. That'd be really cool.

| Only thing that comes to mind here is Neo-Classical Darkwave. Malice Mizer and ALI Project would be worth checking out. Classical music with both synth and dark twists.

| Not sure what you mean. Synth of classical instruments have existed for decades.

If you mean like, electronic music interwoven with classical-like melodies and instruments, artcore is a genre that exists. Examples:




| https://youtu.be/ejgsCJjzTvg


| Maybe check out some of Apashe's work? Here's one I like: https://open.spotify.com/track/5nafRIDshs3RwVO0sxxgac?si=X-OvdYkmSrCFVR1cX9O_nw

| There was that time where the composer for Satoshi Kon's works went on stage a used a lazer harp thingy.
There's also that song 'Automata' by Nigel Stanford who used Kubo mechanical arms to play the instruments. Not a futuristic instrument per se, but it was really interesting seeing how delicate and dexterous those pieces of steel can be.

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