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Update: I am no longer afraid of failure.

| Hello folks, it's been a while!

A little while back, I posted this thread:


I was lucky enough to have it pinned for some time, but it's been a while since I've posted an update. Well, I figured I should:

In February I'm making a life change to move out of my parent's house and go to a community college for audio engineering with the intention of using it as a way to get into the music industry AND expand my knowledge of making dubstep!

| I took some time to really get back to basics and think about the things that make me happy in life. In that time, it occurred to me that making music, in and of itself, is not my true dream as much as being around music. Music is a very big part of my life, it has been since the beginning. Music enhances my emotions, it helps me reconnect to the person I really am, especially in times where I forget those things. When I struggle to think about what I want, music helps remind me.

| I don't need to become a world famous DJ or producer in order for me to make my art; I just have to make it for myself. All the best art is made for the self, not for anybody else. When I remembered this, it made me realize that the fear of failure is a silly thing to feel; I don't need to succeed or fail, I just need to >make art.

But one thing holds true: I have a primal need inside to be around music for the rest of my life. So, my goal has shifted.

| I'm now going to go to school for audio engineering. Doing this accomplishes two things:

1) It puts me in the position to find a job/career which puts me doing >>>something involved with music, every day of my life, and make a living doing it.


2) It will expand my knowledge of the production process, which will help me express myself in my art by teaching me new ways on how to make it.

My ideal career has now become FOH-Mixer, or Front-Of-House Mixer, AKA: The Sound Guy.

| Basically, the front-of-house mixer/sound guy is the person who watches the switchboards at a live show/concert and ensures that the sound being projected from the stage is optimal for the audience to hear. They can either be employed by a venue, staying local to one place, or by a touring musician/band, doing the setup with them when they prepare to play.

What this accomplishes for me: I'll get to be at a live concert, enjoying live music, and I'll be able to make a living too.

| I don't need to make a lot of money, just enough to survive and make it by. As well, when it comes to making dubstep and making my art, I won't feel pressured to try and make it my career, which will allow me to express my art at my own pace and simply create for the pleasure of creating. This is the way for me to make the truest and best art for me.

Speaking of making art, I've also joined a remix competition. If things go well, you guys should actually hear a song from me soon!

| Nah, you are still an idiot. Didn't read anything that you said except the title, neither your old thread. But if you have to announce that you are not afraid of failure to the public, the chances are you actually are afraid of failure. And the fact that it seemed you typed 5 posts about yourself means you are trying to make yourself feel better, because you actually are a failure and is afraid. Facts.

| >>605844 That's fine, you're welcome to your opinion, it doesn't affect me. But as I was going to finish:

For all I know nobody even remembers who I am, but I just wanted to give this as a thank you to everyone who believed in me and encouraged me in the past. The first post recieved a lot of love, and the purpose of this post was simply to say: Thank you, to everyone who encouraged me. I felt like I owed a response to those people who cared.

So, if you supported me, thank you :)

| As one final note:

As I said, I'm doing a remix competition! The song I'm remixing is called "Dubstep Ruined My Life" by Red Hood Squad & Rico Act. The remix contest ends December 1st, and I'm going to try my hardest to get this song finished by then. It will be the first song I have ever actually finished, and when that day comes, I will post the link here. I'm not gonna make this a plug, that would be a dick move, but when the song is finished, you will all get a free download!

| Again, thank you so much if you were one of the people who supported me back when I was at my low point. I'm not going to act like I'm in an astronomically better place than I was, but I'm better than before, and I'm making progress towards my goals, both on a personal level and on an artistic one. That, to me, is an improvement. Things are looking up and, for the first time in a long time, I'm excited to see where life takes me!


| >>605844 Dude, what's your problem? Hearing someone successfully moving past their own struggles triggered you? Try achieving something in your life.

Anyways to OP, I never read your thread but I'm really happy to know that you're pursuing your dreams in life. I don't know you, but you go g/u/rl!

| >>605844
We're all idiots. And OP never claimed not being an idiot !

OP, I remember your posts. Glad to read you're shining some light on the path you walk.

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