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Instrumental metal bands?

| I just realised that listening to metal, and especially power metal, makes me way more productive.

The problem is that lyrics tend to distract me. So, anyone know any instrumental-only metal band or album? I can't just keep playing Demetori forever.

| > I can't just keep playing Demetori forever.

Why not? That's what I have been doing for the last 8 years. Nothing else comes close.

Though, here's some that I like.
UI-70 and Blankfield put out mostly instrumental metal.
RichaadEB has recently been putting out some great toho covers, but his other stuff is good as well.
For some bands I don't mind lyrics as much, like Iron Attack, Unlucky Morpheus, Adust Rain and Nightwish.
If you're into vocaloid, check out UtsuP and MuryokuP

| >>605769
Oh, I have been repeating Demetori for years and years. I just figured I should look for something else too.

I'm actually looking for less metal arrangements of Touhou or otherwise and more, idk, original metal music? Your recs are noted though, thanks!

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This thread is permanently archived