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What types of music are not so mainstream that you wish was more popular

| mY MUsiC yOU WoULdn'T UndERsTaNd

| for me it's alternative rap, or anything w/ that sick 7th chord, i'm also very obssessed with that sexy modulation in the middle

maybe just me tho

| PC Music, but i'm not sure. normies ruin everything, they've already ruined kero kero bonito and m83 for me.

| Vaporwave

| >>8f7e6b Got any entry level recommends?

| Metalcore, it sucks not having anyone to talk to about it irl

| True Metal

| City Pop, Future funk and wavemusic, but only a little bit more popular, not mainstream popular. The normie hivemind has ruined enough already

| Breakcore and neocrust should get a lot more love.but i dont want it to become like realy popular.that would ruin it

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This thread is permanently archived