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What is an album that you wish you could've buyed when it was released?

| Sometimes I wish I was there when The Downward Spiral or Kind of Blue were released.

| All pertubator vinyls that aren't sold or printed anymore.

| Black Holes and Revelations from Muse

| Also RHCP's Californication and By the Way

| Literally anything from back before streaming was a thing and buying album CDs is still a thing. I don't think I see CDs being sold anywhere now.

| Since I'm currently in a an economic position to build out my Future Funk cassette collection I really regret not having money for both of Night Tempo's Showa Idol's Groove albums. I'm a massive fan of his music but I lack both of my favorite albums in physical cassette

| I'm really sad that I missed the first 3 albums in Coheed and Cambria's discography.

| in the aeroplane over the sea, unironically

| Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd). My great great great... Great Mom did, though, and it was passed down the family so I do have an original. 207X hipster power!

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This thread is permanently archived