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Obscure or underrated artists people should know about

| Self explanatory
I reccomend Filmmaker

| https://youtu.be/z4yTc9hOdJI
Santa Sabina is one of the most; if not the most, overlooked bands in the world and the fact that most people don't know them is tragic

| >>603139 Not exactly my kind of jam tbh. I'd recommend Sephiroth with his album Draconian Poetry.

| I won't tell you the artist(s) to keep them remained as obscure.

| listen to unwound right now

| Shintaro Kago

| >>5a70d7 let's hope it would keep them alive.

| 眠りにつくまで

| Coil

| My Laegteskovv (yes names my)

| AXIUS LINK it is today! Underrated and certainly obscure. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tx2uV_GOB68 This song always gives me the chills!

>>603423 Couldn't find this guy, do you've got a link or something? :)

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