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Project Luna

| https://youtu.be/rTBWG9tdLOY

Greetings! Me and my friend just produced a new track and would like to get sum feedback.

| I like Future Bass, and I think this would be a good blank slate when I imagine it over your pre-existing instrumentals. With that in mind, it was good up until 1:33 when it started to loop around, again. Then afterwards I think it was a bit slow for my tastes to listen to.. but I kept on listening for an honest critique. Then, suddenly 3:22 came in with something new, but it felt out of place in the sense of sound, not by timing.

| But let's be real here, the best music out there are the ones you are able to make love to with another person, because being sexually excited trumps all other emotions... And, sadly, this genere of music you are sharing to me isn't something I find myself being able to have sex to and be aroused with.

| Like what, what is even the point of this whole track you and your friend made? Is there a backstory? Are you guys depressed or something? Or have a low libido, resulting in such an unexciting track?
If it is not inspiring cuteness, humor, or sexual energy, you are kind of wasting everyones time with this junk.


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This thread is permanently archived