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How do you listen music?

| Which service do you use? Maybe not service? Just pirate shit and pour it directly into smartphone directory? I wonder. I tried google music once, but it doesn't have all the weeb music I need to be happy.

| I buy Seedys and Hellpeas and play them at home on my retro hi-fi system. I convert them to MP3s to listen to the music on the go. I go to Japan and know a couple of good websites for import.

| Sex ASMR

| Finding lots of music in good quality in the depths of the interwebs, I'm hording like 70 gigabytes on my hdd atm. And most of it is mp3 320kbits, some are flac.

Wanna know a secret though, OP? Look up SMloadr. :) It's basically heaven. You're welcome! (It even works on termux on android. :3)

| >>600780 same here. Just a treasure trove of downloaded mp3 albums and songs. Bandcamp, youtube, spotify and more are what I use to find good stuff, but I always try to find what I can of those to download.

| I use Spotify, and if I really, really love it and want to support the artist a little extra I'll buy it on Google Play, which means that albums from artists like 2pac isn't something I'd buy, even though I love it, because it doesn't really support him directly anymore, because, you know, RIP. I occasionally use Bandcamp too to buy video game OSTs that I don't have on Steam.

| I use foobar2000 folder music system. I am manging over 20k songs that totals up to around 350 gigabytes

| I ask my gf to sing for me. She's very good at singing.

| I usually listen through YouTube, or use any of the countless extensions to convert YouTube videos to mp3 for car use.

| >>600739
I have a local and well sorted collection on my computer, backed up on an external harddrive. I share this data only offline. I only use online-services that allow me to download stuff locally and share it with all my devices without any drm bullshit, forced online connection or prorietary "apps". I bought many Albums on Bandcamp, which matches my claims. They even offer the lossless flac format. I only buy physical Media if it has a special design.

| >>601021
i used to be a bit paranoid with the whole lossless thing a couple years ago. i even had a program which analyzed flac files to detect the ones that were transcoded from a lossy format. the thing is that the program said that some of my flacs from bandcamp were transcoded! i was pretty shook and lost all faith in humanity pretty much.

| Gaypple music for general stuff, vlc for pirated banned by gaypple stuff.
Cmus on laptops.

| Soundcloud on mobile, foobar2k with the youtube dl component on PC.

| I use mostly Bandcamp and Spotify
I only use Spotify to discover new music, and buy what I like from Bandcamp

if it's not on Bandcamp, I buy it on Amazon

| Mostly Youtube. I like the algorithm. When I listen to a playlist, it sprinkles in new similar music mixed in with old songs I already liked and that's actually expanded my library quite a lot. They don't always give me bangers, but it's still nice to hear new music.

| >>601560 It's cool I guess, but not so great to listen from smartphone, also it does often feels like it plays too safe. 90% it offers are songs by the bands you listened to several times, that you haven't listened yet.
>>600780 Installed it for pc, seems nice. Will spend more time with it on holidays. Couldn't put it on android unfortunately. It promised to create a directory in the default location if I leave a blank and got borked when I actually did so.

| >>601564 Neat! It's heaven, srsly. :D Have fun!

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