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For any of you who crave future trance music with cyberpank elements.

| https://youtu.be/ZK3U92URi_c

Thank me later ;)

| Thank you!!! :)

| i got exactly what you're talking about, the best futuristic-trance house you can fucking find, when you play it you end up in a fucking space station it's so cool. it's here https://soundcloud.com/sarahina

the big ass problem is that it's on a soundcloud and the artist DELETED THE BEST MATERIAL!

if you can find a way to get it back it'd make me super happy!

you can't find anything from this artist anymore, it's like she was so good that she got censored.

please, someone help..

| >>598651
the exact material i'm talking about is one that she posted 5 to 6 years ago. the latest is 3. it's a fucking shame

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This thread is permanently archived