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Modern music is NOT BAD OR WORSE than old music.

| Wrong generation hate thread.

Yknow g/u/rls, it still tips me off how kids claim old good songs to be the only good songs that ever exist.

What tips me off even more is when today's POPULAR stuff is being compared to older GOOD stuff.

I mean, if you g/u/rls pick "same generic EDM stuff" for comparion, pick some older generic disco songs from the eighties. Or some low-effort trance music from the 90s.

It's stupid and simply NOT FAIR to compare Nicki Minaj to, say, Queen.

| I believe musicians today to be just as good as say, 40 years ago, but music that is made for/played on radio is definetly worse. We used to tune into Led Zeppelin. Nowadays we have auto-tune.

If you don't know what auto-tune is or what it has done to popular music I recommend reading the wikipedia page.

| Yep, popular shit's getting worse but good shit will be good regardless of the generation it was made in.

I think a bog part of the problem is that a bunch of big labels think they got the "sellable music algorithm" figured out and don't even try to tweak it so interest lasts longer, nowadays a popular song can take as little as a week to stop being popular and the industry is ok with it because the money was already made from it

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Haven't experienced radio from the 80s (obviously), so yeah, that may be a valid reason. I'm just used to rubbish on the radio so I skip it myself in favor of nitpicking music from SoundCloud.

Yeah, radios are pretty dead lol.

| Imo radios just play the shittier songs of nowadays. Modern music ain't completely bad, there's a lot of good songs out there just not getting the spotlight

| Modern music is great, just not the "popular" modern music. YouTube singers and musicians are amazing, way better then any celebrity song anyways.

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This thread is permanently archived