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Spotify/apple music/neither

| And why

| Bandcamp.
Because I can't stream from my phone or work computer, so I need local files to play on a DAP.

| I keep music on my phone because that way i own it, and that way i don't need to use all my data to listen to music, and there are no ads; when i do have internet i often listen to internet radio because there's a lot of cool foreign shit and i like being able to change to totally different stations

| netease, you can download almost any song for free (even very obscure songs) but only if you are in China.. way better than spotify tbh

| Backup hdd and bittorrent.

| Spotify, it works well and I like the collaborative Playlist feature

| YouTube downloaders

| Youtube vanced

| Youtube Premium, can close my phone screen and download them legitimately. Plus adblocker on phone is a win. student is like £4 a month so its more affordable than spotify too.

| I'd download all of my music, but I'd say it all comes from youtube mostly. If I were to choose spotify or apple music, I'd choose spotify since there's more of a selection there.

>keep music on my phone
I'd do that but mines is an Iphone Lul. What internet radio site do you get on to? Sounds interesting.

| I mostly use my roommate's Spotify family plan, so I pay about half price for it. When I want higher quality or files that I can manipulate, I buy albums from Bandcamp.
I enjoy Spotify, especially the music suggestion feature. I've found many songs I like because of it. Sometimes they don't have part of a group's discography, though, especially for niche genres.

| I use ytmp3 and download whatever I want to listen to. Could be podcasts, music, whatever is under 2 hours.

| lossless archives played through foobar. plain old 16/44 FLACs have always done their job just fine with enough of a boost in quality to be superior to 320 MP3s, though going beyond 16/44 is useless without the proper equipment.
unless you wanna dickswing about big numbers, 'cause who doesn't like bragging rights.

| >>587575 I use the radiodroid app (i assume it's not for iphone) which gets station metadata from a wiki, so there's probably an iphone equivalent. The station i listen to most are a spanish radio station (Radio Utopia), Lainchan radio, a set of Russian online music streams (radio caprice) and a local college station

| Buying music in digital (via bandcamp especially, or from official sites)

| bandcamp for downloading, anything that isnt bandcamp use ss or cry
musicbee on PC and BlackPlayer on mobile
streaming is a meme

| Youtube and especially Soundcloud is usually my go to place to listen and download with any kinds of converter websites
The amount of great music that lies in the depths of SC are great

But buying off of Bandcamp does it too sometimes.

| I mean, Spotify got basically anything. I occasionally use SoundCloud, Bandcamp and (no joke) Google Play Music, but Spotify is just chill.

| Can't have spotify in my country and my phone is on android so mostly youtube, downloads and podcasts

| i pirate a lot through different means. bandcamp, youtube, and soundcloud downloaders, mega, blogspot sites, torrent (but rarely) etc. spotify is paid yet i can't find a lot of the music i like on it and i can't use apple music because i have an android. i've also been pirating since i was, like, 8 years old? i've just gotten so used to it. as a studying musician myself, i feel really bad for stealing from the artists but it's the only way i can get music at this time in my life.

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