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Wow nirvana's better than i remember

| I used to not like nirvana because i thought it was overblown. I bought a cd as a kid because mtv told me to and didnt like it, thought it was really harsh and not very interesting, but recently i bought the unplugged live in new york LP and a phew other records to fill up the top shelf of my music collection and i gotta say, pretty top notch stuff.

Any bands you guys ended up liking later in life?

| I was obsessed with Nirvana when I was younger, but out of the big four I really only listen to Pearl Jam anymore

| I kind of liked gorillaz as a kid because of the music videos but never really gave two shits about it. Then, about a couple of couples of years ago, I started listening to their albums and to be honest they're pretty fucking amazing.

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| When I was young, there's this local band whose songs are repeated over and over again in the local radio to the point that I got sick of it. Made me dislike pop music in general, even.

I gave it a listen as an adult and, huh, you know what, it's pretty good.

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This thread is permanently archived