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Favorite video game soundtrack?

| Similar to the other thread, what's your favorite video game soundtrack?

Mine has to be "Everybody's Gone to the Rapture"

| The entire Persona 3 ost.
Shadow of the Colossus ost comes in close second. There's an amazing piano cover on corptube.

| first for Hotline Miami

| Xenoblade X
Persona 3
Megaman(the whole original series, X and battle network)

| Hyper Light Drifter or FTL. Both are adaptive as well!

| Halo 3 ODST

| Obligatory NieR and NieR Automata mention.

It's been years and I haven't stopped listening to them. There'd nothing like them.

| >>583169

| >>582857
was gonna post these
will add a few other favs
Mother 2, Risk of Rain, Deadbolt, VA-11 Hall-a (obviously)

| Journey
Anything from the Endless series (Especially Endless Space)
Chrono Trigger
Those are the first few OSTs that come to mind among many others.

| Silent Hill games and IB soundtrack

| under night in birth gordeau theme

| Transistor

| Transistor and Bastion osts were meh, imho. The narration was amazing tho.

| Terra's theme from FFVI has been stuck in my head since I first heard it. It's just so beautifulllll.

| Mirror's Edge and Hotline Miami

| >>583558
Whoa whoa whoa those are fighting words buddy

| LJN Video Art

| VA-11 Hall-A, Jade Empire, Night in the Woods, and Myst 3 are among my favorites

Sword & Sworcery

| Runescape

| It's relevant currently, so I gotta mention Dragon Quest VIII. Performed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra? Holy fuck

| the silver case. that 90s-y2k drum/synth combo is CLASSIC

| If we're talking a single OST track, Star Stealing Girl from Chrono Cross. It's got such a wistful and sorrowful tone that at times I still cry from listening to it.

If an album, Katana Zero. Top-tier synthwave, plus a few other genres to mix things up a little like jazz and Russian hardbass. Enjoyable album all the way through.

~sums vamps velds

| Transistor/Bastion. The Legend of Spyro trilogy. DS 2/3.

| I really like the exploration themes of all the Etrian Odyssey games except that one that didn't have an FM synth soundtrack.

| >>584757
Yuzo Koshiro is a legend. I also dig his work on Layton Brothers Mystery Room.

| Killing Floor 2 has a badass metal soundtrack, wish I had the game

| Octopath Traveler, Bravely Default, and Crypt of the Necrodancer.

| I was surprised how good Three Houses' soundtrack was, but I love the Octopath Traveler and Twilight Princess OSTs.

| >>584940 The album is fucking amazing if you like speed metal

| Prob guilty gear Xrd, both sign and rev (jam ost too good to be true)

| i got tainted by s4 leagues og osts. they are energetic and pump you up. +Nostalgia is involved.
other than that, Vallhalla, katana zero, furi and some osts from Pokemon.

I'd mention songs from Just shapes and beats but they used actual songs so it's cheating

| I have been listening to a lot of Mega Drive/Genesis soundtracks lately. I love that soundchip.


| Donkey Kong Country 2.

| I agree with many of the replies but I'll be original and say Antichamber and Machinarium. Incredible ambiance. Also I Am Setsuna, Rayman Origins, and Hollow Knight. I could go on.

| >>585605
How can I forgot about Hollow Knight??? That soundtrack has helped me through countless hours of work!

| The S.T.A.L.K.E.R series, amazing ambience and atmosphere.

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