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What is your favorite movie soundtrack?

| Could be a musical, could be an animated kids movie, could be literally any movie. What's your favorite movie soundtrack?

I thoroughly enjoy the Lord of the Rings soundtracks

| Agreed. LotR music is incredible.

I personally like the soundtrack from Howl's Moving Castle. Pulp Fiction too.

| Pokémon 2000

| >>583240 Howl's Moving Castle is pretty great

Id say Pirates of the Caribbean

| The End of Evangelion is the only movie soundtrack I have on my phone, so i'd say that one.

| Whiplash

| Also Pick of Destiny

| Pi.

| >>583247
Pirates of the Caribbean is so dang iconic!

Gonna add Black Panther to the list. Gotta love that tribal/techno beats.

Special mention to Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse. I don't like rap but it somehow made me appreciate the genre

| >>583324
Great movie and great soundtrack. I love those Autechre tracks

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This thread is permanently archived