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What're you listening to right now?

| What is says on the tin. What song do you have playing right now? - SciFox

| R.E.M. - It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

| Headlong into Night - Thieves like us

| Nostalgia for a Time You’ve never known - Synthwave & Synthpop Mix


| The flow of my blood because I'm wearing hearing protection.

| The soundtrack of the game I'm playing and some dude talking about a global conspiracy of search engines censoring info on a haunted park

The game is Death end Re quest

| >>577335 Looks really interesting. Sounds like it has a lot of gore and such based on the Steam tags, though, so might not be my thing.

| Look Up, Los Angeles! (Future Funk - Vaporfunk - Electronic Mix)


| Planum - Lonelines

| Midsummer Cruisin' (City Pop Mix Vol.2)


| I'm listening to my boss talking in our weekly meeting.

| I am legally deaf.

| >>577445
That's my jam.
I'm a lucky prick cause I get 3 meetings a week.

| S4 League Ost, free-omatic Planetboom

| Listening to the VA-11 HALL-A soundrack because I'm on the app

| >>577497 only 3? You're really lucky

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvLTUlkLEBc

| Starship - We Built This City

| >>577600
Yep only 3

| Mono Memory - RE:0 Save Theme


| https://youtu.be/V8U2N8fnZTM

Moe Shop - Superstar

| Mr. Kitty all song.
Всем привет!)

| A talk about how Object oriented programming is bad
Still 5 minites in so I have no idea if the dude's point makes any sense

| VA-11 HALL-A — Every Day is Night

| Rav - Gravity Assisted Suicide

| Tim Legend - Soda City Funk

| Eurobeat remix of kiss of death.

| I'm listening to planes' jet engines right now.

Pretty hot.

| The water running down a little creek besides my tent

| The soouuuund... of silence...

| >>578817

| >>578817 >>578825 hello darkness my old friend...

| Battlejuice - Low life on the highway


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