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Favorite albums

| Hey g/u/rls
Thought it'd be fun if everyone posted their favorite albums. I'd love to hear what you all enjoy listening to : )
My favorite is Black Moth Super Rainbow - Dandelion Gum

| It's already that time of the year?

Time by Electric Light Orchestra

| The Life of Pablo by Kanye West or Oracular Spectacular by MGMT

| >>575258
Great pick : )
Great picks for you as well : )
I feel like when I ask the answer is never the same so... what's your favorite track on TLOP? I'm a big fan of 30 hours

| Out of the box 3, no ones knows that but me.

| No Now by Clarence Clarity but it's a difficult choice.

| >>575287
I haven't heard this one. I'll have to check it out.
Another great pick. One of my favorites as well. I really love Cancer in the Water

| "All things must pass" by George Harrison and "Close to the edge" by Yes

| Origin of symmetry by Muse because I'm a fang/u/rl.

| Dunkelheit by Burzum.
Years of Decay by Overkill.
Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow by Rainbow.
Sacred Heart by Dio.

| Good Apollo volume 1 by Coheed and Cambria

| >>575277
No more parties in LA or Saint Pablo

| a tie between Frank Zappas "Uncle Meat" and Mikes "May god bless your hustle"

| Ancient Dreams by Candlemass
Overdose of Death by Toxic Holocaust

| love what survives by mount kimbie
discovery by daft punk
plastic beach by gorillaz
wolfmother by wolfmother

| Feel so hipstern't among you g/u/rls but RELAXER.

| Might as well post some more~
Medium Bastard by You Slut
Ordinary Beats by Klaus Veen
Maniac Meat by Tobacco

| >>576256
Maniac Meat yessss

I'll post a few more of my favs
Sweet Trip - Velocity: Design: Comfort
Kill Bill - Resin
Candy Claws - In the Dream of the Sea Life

| AKUMA II by ALEX & Tokyo Rose

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