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Most favorite va11halla ost

| Umemoto!

| Out of Orbit. Gotta love those first 15 seconds.

I should prepare a songlist for my third run. There are some themes that I should give more love. Especially those that would go well with the second and third chapters. The Girl with the Iron Heart should be perfect for Dorothy during the later days.

| Commence stimulation!!

| Lifebeat of Lilim from the extended OST, but All Systems, Go! from the original soundtrack

| Your love is a drug from the bonus album, but give me a while to listen through it all again to think of my favorite.

| in no particular order
• A. Rene
• Karmotrine Dream
• Strictly Business
• Base of the Titans

| Synthestitch and every day is night

| Every day is night, an actual fucking banger and a timeless masterpiece.

| Karmotrine Dream, Base of the Titans, and Every Day is Night : )

| Every Day Is Night, Good For Health, Bad for Education, and Friendly Conversation (but they're all very good).

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