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I want to try and become a dubstep producer/DJ but I'm too scared of failure.

| I have shit commitment to things. I do something for a few days and give up because I want to do something else instead. The life of a DJ looks fun, fulfilling, amazing. Every time I see footage of an artist on stage, I instantly get this overwhelming desire for that to be me. The energy of performing live for a crowd of people who are there to see you just looks so enticing. But in order to make it there takes so much effort and I don't know if I believe in myself enough to do it.

| I'm fucking scared. Any time I try to commit to something that I'm not forced to do, I give up. I hate that about myself, but yet it happens like clockwork. I'm tired of being a nobody and a nothing and I want to make music to express my emotions, but I don't know how and the process of learning how to produce EDM takes so much hard work and effort, and frankly, my fear isn't that I couldn't do it, my fear is that I'll get into it and lose the desire halfway through.

| These are the things that I want to say everytime anyone asks me why I'm not making music, even though I've told them all I'd love to become a DJ some day. I've played around in Ableton for months just chopping audio from other songs to try and make cool mixes and mashups and I have so much fun doing it, so I know I could mix if I wanted to and committed to it, but the production side of things is where I'm scared that I just won't be good enough. I want it, but I guess not enough.

| I don't expect the answer to this to come from this post. I don't really know what I expect by saying all of this. I just felt like I needed to get it off my chest.

I have a dream, and a goal, of trying to get myself to that place, but I just haven't been working towards it, and I really think the laziness comes from my fear of failure, otherwise why wouldn't I be doing it? Or maybe I don't know why, or maybe I'm just naturally lazy, I don't know.

| But as every day passes and I wish I was better than I was, I can't help but feel like all I'm doing is wasting my time by not focusing and spending the time to learn this. Even if I never make anything out of it, and I literally just do it for fun, that'd be better than not doing it.

But then I start trying to fuck around in Ableton and make something and I get overwhelmed. I put in a couple chords and get stuck. Paralyzed. Frozen. And I can't ever get past that.

| And when that feeling hits, I can't help but feel like I'm wasting my time even trying to put in an effort. I feel like I'm just not good enough, so why bother? I'll come back later when I'm ready, I guess. But then I'm never ready and...you get the point.

I guess I don't want it enough or something. I don't know what to fucking do. All of this just makes me sick and makes me feel like I could never make it there no matter how hard I tried. Maybe I hate myself too much to try.

| The reason I guess I'm scared to tell this to anybody irl is because I know everyone around me would either coddle me, saying "You just have to believe in yourself and work at it and it'll happen", or they'll be real with me and say "then maybe you're just not cut out for the music industry", and I'm just not satisfied with either answer I guess.

I'm just not satisfied anymore, with anything.

...sorry, my rant is up now. Just had to say these words somewhere out loud.

| > dubstep
Your fear is pointless not.

| >>571518 Is that...really all you got out of this entire thing? Fuck /mu/ is dense, knew I should have never posted this shit here. Was trying to be serious about something, got a troll reply, 0/10, shouldn't have expected anything else. /mu/ should just be fucking deleted entirely already.

| >>571506
>and I have so much fun doing it
if you aren't having fun, you're doing it wrong. you sound like really really anxious about it. just chill, dude.

| >But then I start trying to fuck around in Ableton and make something and I get overwhelmed.
I get that, and I felt the same when I started learning to draw. The best advice I can give you is "just fucking do it, nothing bad is gonna happen if you do", but since that's probably not gonna work for you, I'll say sharing what I made with someone helped me. I'd try and find a friend or fellow aspiring DJ you can show it to without dying of embarrassment.

| Failure is the key to success, go out there and fail fail and fail again.
If you never failed before even the slightest mistake may end up breaking you.
But beware, for if you fail and give up you've gained nothing from the experience

| Oi are you kidding.
Everyone is lazy.
That mindset is also part of our survival.
You're not the only one struggling OP.
You don't dive in because your goal is so high up there it's vertigo-inducing.
You're doing the right thing imo. Being paralyzed in front of creative work happens. In fact it happens so much that it's alright.
Where's the next place you want to be ?
In front of your DAW ?
Ok go.
Are you stuck ?
Fear of failure ?
Fail and be upset.
Then chill and go again.

| Those moments where you feel stuck, struggle, hesitate, doubt yourself.
It is when you are in these moments, when you feel like you have no more strength to keep going, that you progress.
The effort you make before reaching the part where you struggle does not make you progress.
If you're stuck, make something that you know you wouldn't want to produce. We usually know exactly what we don't want, but not what we want. Everything you make when you struggle is helping somehow.

| >>571734 >>571756 >>571903 >>571968 >>571976
Hey, /mu/...thanks. I kinda got salty at the first troll comment because I was just in a general shitty mood that day, but I really appreciate all the advice you've given me. I don't actually think /mu/ should be deleted, this board is comfy and nice most days and has some really nice people on it.

If I end up making anything cool, I'll show it here first. ^-^

| I'm a sub-PA in my school, and what my experience is, not scared to be fail and just keep to try it. What all you need to do just analyze any kindaf music u like and try to catch the tempo and cue it. And don't be worried about the strange tone when you are in learning, this is so normal when I was a PA, and our job is to make the music sounds like the music, although you have to learn the eq mix yourself, but when you on the stage, just believe your PA and YOURSELF, you can got it

| >>572223
looking forward to it! (^_^♪) how is it going to sound? like old school dubstep or new school dubstep?

| Lol then fail. Fail hard. At least you tried at least you created A song you like that no one made before.

| OP... You got this.

| Op I believe in you but I will tell you, please consider some kind of dance music that isnt dupstep.

| >>572677
idk, i thought dubstep was just skrillex and that whole 2012 WUB WUB WUUUB thing, but i found that there's also pretty decent old school underground dubstep from the 2000s. don't let mainstream dubsep fool you, it is a legit genre.

| Just make the music you like, but be open to other genres/subgenres
Become a jack of all trades but master of one(your favorite)

| >>572707

it's like how plenty of hardstylers and peeps already in the electro scene cringed and rolled their eyes all through the (thankfully) short lived electro-pop, pop-house phase of the music industry.


| So how's it going today ?

| Hey everybody, OP here, just wanting to say thank you again to everyone who's posted here and tried to help, and to the /mu/ mods for pinning this thread! Love you guys!
>>572286 >>572525 >>572599 Thank you!
>>572348 A little bit of everything hopefully, I do like a lot of newer stuff since I'm new to the scene.
>>572677 >>572707 >>572927 It isn't like dubstep is the only genre I like/will make, but I came in from metal originally so I'm a headbanger naturally, but that's not all I am!

| Like what >>572762 said!
>>573002 Going pretty great my g/u/rl!

| Well it's not about Dubstep, but if you're going to DJ electronic music, you should study this guide at least once:
Some samples could also serve as inspiration for producing stuff yourself.

| >>54e751 ay that was uncalled for bro

| >>c812b8 not sure if I'm a bit too late to say this but
No matter how much you fail or succeed theres always going to be a small part of you that to wants to give up and it's never going to magically go away, the best thing you can for yourself is keep those thoughts at bay, because if you give in to them, then your simply aren't going to anywhere.

| I want to hear what op is making.

| I love dubstep too and I'd like to hear what OP is producing.

| Hey OP, you gonna show your music to us g/u/r/l/s!!

| OMG YOU GUYS <3 been a while since I've been on /u/, but wow! The requests to hear what I'm making are awesome, thank you!

I've actually been sorta taking time off from the music stuff because we're in the middle of moving preparations and I just got off a camping trip with my family where we had no electricity, but I will be back to messing around with music shortly! I have an idea for a song I will start making very soon, once a lull in the moving prep presents itself.

| >>574351 thank you, I'll be sure to check it out!
>>575222 yes it was, I was very upset and irritated when I said that, but I didn't mean it. /mu/ is great. :D
>>575273 I will keep that in mind, thank you. I think I need to make this a routine thing, something that I practice whether I feel like it at the moment or not, that way I can start building the habit of consistancy, something which is difficult for me at the moment.

| >>575304 >>575720 >>576381 if you want to hear what I'm making, I'll definitely begin posting some stuff here :) how would you guys like me to post stuff, just like take a screen recording of the DAW as I do stuff, like if I'm playing a song or showing a sound I'm working on?

| Recording you working in the DAW would be cool. It's always good to share knowledge. I'd expect most of us to be satisfied with just exported mp3s though.

| Hey guys, if you wanna see some fun mashups I made, you can check out my Twitter.

It is: @N-Alysick

Its not producing, but its something I thought would be a fun thing to do and I figured since I posted it there, I'd tell you guys to check it out. :)


| Dubstep is dead.

| Dubstep is dead.

| >>62226f you're dead to me

| >>62226f you're dead to me

| Hey guys, N-Alysick here! Update on the currenr status of things:

I am doing well! I'm currently in the process of moving, which has taken up the majority of my time, we just got back home today and we're spending this week wrapping everything up and loading the truck over the course of the next three days. Because of this, I have not been spending as much time on music as I'd have hoped to be by now.

Good news though: Once we move, I will be buying my first DJ controller ^^

| When that is done and ready, work will continue. I am still in the process of learning the basics (Synthesis, how to use the synthesizers, EQing, the like) and therefore am not quite ready yet to make a full tune, but I am making sounds and having fun learning what different knobs and buttons do in order to make them! Learning is a slow process, but I am finally beginning to see progress and feel myself actually begin to understand the software better, so things are going well!

| My fear of failure has turned from something holding me back into something pushing me forward. As someone previously said, if you fail, just try again. I think I am finally prepared now to fail as many times as necessary to succeed. I do not like feeling as though I am not pushing myself forward and succeeding, and I'm tired of wanting something and not working to try and make it happen.

I am pushing myself to keep going, no matter what, and I feel as though, slowly, I'm moving.

| I'll check back in after the move, once more progress has been made towards learning the basics enough to finally make a tune. Thank you guys for the support you've shown me so far! I am thinking of ways that I could thank you guys, maybe a song featuring sound effects from this site or radi/u/, or something VA-11/N1-RV related if I could actually do that, though clearly synthwave and dubstep are two completely different genres. A genre bender like that would be cool to me :)

| If anybody has any questions to ask me, any advice to offer, or has anything to say, this is the thread I'll keep checking back on to reply to you guys. /mu/ is a special place to me now, as the rest of the /u/ app is, and I hope you guys know the impact your posts have had on me. One day, I'll thank you with more than just a post on a thread. ^-^


| Thank yourself, you're doing the thing while we're writing words on a board <3

| >>582178 <3 well I still thank you as well. Having this thread pinned has sort-of acted as a healthy amount of pressure, like, "now I said this, now people wanna hear what I'm making, I can't just disappear now" lmao. Its a good thing, trust me.

| So if you're scared of failure then fuck off, Dont fucking do anything. But if you really like doing it just do it. Doesnt matter your commitment, that shit is overated, just go with the flow, install some music apps or whatever, and then you should ask yourself if is it a thing you like doing.

| I make electronic music on the side as a hobby for a few years. If you need any help just ask! I'd be happy to help out when it comes to the basics. What DAW do you use?

| I would recommend getting some professional help (therapy, etc) in order to feel better

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