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Can someone help me explore dreampop/shoegaze?

| I already listen to artists such as Clairo, Cuco, Rex Orange County and Beach House. But i feel like I'm not getting a whole taste of the genre. What do you recommend?

| I'm not really an expert on the genre but I like BRMC and CQ

| >>570312
thanks for the recs anon. even though it was just a bait post that i copied from a reddit screenshot i found on my phone. i don't actually listen to those artists.

idk, maybe we can even have a nice shoegaze thread. I'm gonna post a couple of "rare" tracks by the most meme shoegaze band.

Map Ref. 41N 93W (Wire cover)

Angel (Bilinda's Song)

| >>570322
ok, this is a shoegaze thread now. every day, i'll try to post a song every day to keep the thread alive. feel free to post your fave songs! or to discuss the gazi with another anons!

Lilys - Ginger

| https://mega.nz/#F!swMQUSAb!dSWfM-8-U6ebrR-u6cJb0A
Japanese shoegaze, very based

| >>570586
heh. i already knew milkgazer, tokyo shoegazer and yellow loveless and they are absolutely based. thanks based anon for the folder, i'll check it out.

| No more words, just listen and cry.

Kinoko Teikoku - Long Goodbye:

| >>570669
listened it this morning, great


Kevin Shields - City Girl

from the lost in translation soundtrack, featuring kevin "distortion boi" shields. the video is really cool, definetely one of my favorites. i even watched the whole silent film.

| Is the Hylic soundtrack shoegaze?

| fuck, almost forgot to post the song

Ride - Dreams Burn Down

not a huge ride fan, but this song is great.

wtf, do they make shoegaze games now? i'll have to check it out!

| https://vk.com/shoegazzzpedoffki

| https://vk.com/shoegazzzpedoffki

| >>571644
pretty dank memes, but didn't get many of them since i don't speak kalasnikov.

saw a pretty cool mbv/abba meme with bilinda on that page, so today's song is a bilinda song

My Bloody Valentine - Lose My Breath

| >>571731
ok, just look what youtube showed me today.


wtf. they call it idol shoegaze. it's not just your average japanese shoegaze. we are all doomed.

| >>570997 City Girl is great dude. I have her entire Bandcamp discoverography, and every time she releases a new album, it always finds it's way into my collection. What to you think of her new album? It's a lot less chill than her other ones, and is very electronic inspired, but she does it well!

| >>571961
ok, today's song is going to be some classic 120minutes-core from the 90's.

Drop Nineteens - Winona

i was talking about a song by kevin shields, i didn't knew there was an artist called city girl lol. listened to a couple of older random songs and those were pretty good. then i listened to a couple songs from chroma velocity and thought those were pretty cool too. anyways, thanks for the recs anon (^^)b

| If you don't mind foreign bands, check out Plastic Tree! While they are not totally shoegaze they definitely have few tracks that fit nicely in the genre!

| >>572351
today i'm posting some slowdive. i'm a bit of a slowdive hater, but i think Pygmalion is a great album, and possibly their best.

i will always hate slowdive more than hitler
- richey edwards

Slowdive - Crazy for You

| >>572467
wow anon i didn't kknow about this band! thanks for the recs. i don't really care if it's shoegaze or not. what does even shoegaze mean? also, i've been listening recently to a Number Girl compilation i found on that russian torrent site and it was awesome, i was really digging the screams. maybe you like don't mind noisier music.

| I dont listen to it anymore, but check out White Ring.

| i would love to participate in u/shugazi/

amazed no one has posted sweet trip yet
and i saw mikigazer was mention, some of those artists are worth looking into, like もっふーP
from best candy claws album
a beautiful album by a pretty unknown japanese band, 眠りにつくまで
korean dream pop, 공중도둑

that's all for now
love you gazers

| >>571963
not that poster, but i really like the new city girl album. guaranteed suicide is one of my favorite tracks this year
>what does even shoegaze mean?
the genre is called that because many shoegaze guitar players have to look down at all of their pedals so it looks like they were looking at their shoes, hence shoegaze
shoegaze uses lots of pedals to create walls of noise / heavy reverb / distortion / feedback

| try and tell me this cover isnt better than the mbv one

| >>572594
sorry anons, yesterdayi fell asleep while watching a movie and forgot to post :(

today's song is by a czech band. their early albums are amazing, but i'm not familiar with their other stuff. i'm posting a link to the full ep since it's a pretty short listen.

The Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa - Pigment

| >>573040
it was an amazing take on the song. i enjoyed it way more than i expected d( ̄◇ ̄)b big thumbs up.

you're right, but i think that the whole gazing ar your shoes thing is also a statement from the artists. like a reaction against bands with really theatrical performances, with jumping around the stage, dancing fireworks, etc. instead you get three or four dudes and a girl (steve albini said there's always a girl) playing their songs without moving around.

| >>572681
i've only listened to velocity : design : comfort and it was great and glitchy. but the candy claws... i was very hyped when i was about to listen to them for the first time, but i got so disappointed, i didn't get why people people was saying it was so great.

| >>572676
haha. it was great. it reminds me of that early 10s era when things like crystal castles and witch house were really popular. thanks for the recs, anon (^○^)

| >>573050
yeah that's another good way to put shoegaze. might also be a reflection of how the music can often have isolating themes so it's almost like the idea of shoegazing is like averting eyes. lots of different interpretations

I say best Candy Claws because it's my fav. I would still rec checking out Ceres & Calypso as that's the general favorite among fans

| shoegaze is not a real genre

| >>573049
today i'm posting a ringo deathstarr music video. fun fact: it was filmed in my city!

idk, i just feel like shoegaze is a valid genre label. i don't want to argue about this, music genres aren't that important. actually i think it's better to focus on the bands and their music.

| >>573096
are genre labels are pretty dumb tbh... but they do make it easier to describe certain sounds, so if it can describe a sound decently well and it's agreed upon, i would say it's valid

| >>573242
posting today's one early. i fucking love the pains of being pure at heart and i like all of their songs. yes, even the furfag video. even that tom petty cover album, too.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Come Saturday

| literally got into this genre bc of ceres & calypso. thanks for posting all the great stuff g/u/rls

| >>572351 >>572687 Whoops! Sorry for the misunderstanding g/u/rl! Just saw City Girl, & decided to express my love of her. Checked out the actual song you were referencing, it's totally tubular. You were right tho. v distorted boi. but v good distorted boi. Thanks for the rec! Glad you g/u/rls are liking the new album just as much as me, haha. Guaranteed Suicide does seem to stand out, but the way she introduced the album with Endless and Artificial is epic. "Oh, nice. This is City

| Girl." & then a few more seconds pass, and you're like "Oh wait. I was very wrong. This is somehow an entirely new City Girl, that manages to change genre but keep her original style." It's like she can flip everything about the music around, yet maintain a sense of "home" that never changes throughout each of her albums. You always know you're listening to a City Girl song, even if it's not a traditional City Girl song. That's how it feels at least. Sorry for the rant g/u/rls!

| >>573374
i'm a bit late, sorry! today i'm posting a slowdive video. i'm not the biggest slowdive fan, but the video is pretty nice. has anyone here seen picnic at the hanging rock? i plan to watch it this summer!

Slowdive - When The Sun Hits

| >>573597
i liked city girl's stuff before the new album but it felt kinda hard to distinguish any tracks because it mostly sounded pretty similar to me
the new album definitely has the tracks stand out a lot more. i like that the style has changed and city girl is trying new stuff. it's definitely one of my favorites from this year

| >>573742
today's song is by velocity girl, from the clueless soundtrack. i haven't watched the movie yet, but it's in my watchlist. currently, my watchlist consists of 225 title with necronomicon: book of the dead being the first one and the wicker man as the most recent one.

Velocity Girl - My Forgotten Favorite

| >>573980
nice track, thanks for sharing : )

| I don't listen to shoegaze very much, but I reccommend you try listening to something by the Stargazer Lilies.

U R Y - The Stargazer Lilies

I thought they were more impressive when I saw them live, but that was mostly because the drums were louder relative to the other instruments.

| >>570304
>i feel like I'm not getting a whole taste of the genre
Then you're not really into it in the first place anyways.

| >>574061
you fell for the b8 m8! in >>570322 i explained that it was a stupid bait post i copied from some cringe compilation. it was a really lame excuse for a thread but idk, i guess it was worth it since i think we have a pretty comfy thread now.

| >>574118
comfy shoegaze thread : )
i can feel the wall of noise passing through me

| >>573980
another lilys song!

Lilys - Periscope

i've never seen a shoetaze band live. it must be amazing. has anybody here seen my bloody valentine live? i read somewhere that they play at such an ear bleeding volume that they have to give earplugs to the audience.

| >>574242 I actually saw them opening for a different band, I hadn't known anything about shoegaze before. I definitely needed earplugs for it. I recommend seeing some group, it's really something else when you can feel the rumble from the speakers as well as you can hear the music.

| >>574312
black moth super rainbow? i saw a show near me during that tour
the stargazer lilies were so good. the wall of sound just hit me and i was surrounded by it, incredible feeling

| >>574242
ok, today's post is not a song, just a dumb video i came across yesterday.


| >>574347 yeah, the one in sf. it made my ears hurt afterward but it was worth it.

| >>574423
i saw them in detroit
definitely not good for ears but it was a great show

| >>574414
fun fact: this band did a cameo appereance on the crow movie. iirc, the band was playing this song in a bar owned by the bad guy.

Medicine - Time Baby II

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