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Some special music

| Can you recommend some music that you can listen while wasting your life on insomnia or anxiety? Genre don't really matter. Thx in advance ^^

| Tale of brave ulysses by Cream
Or any spoken word about an interest that's slightly out of your comfort zone. Say if you like rock n roll, you listen to the history of rock. May your mind float at ease

| Thy art is murder

| Try the album "time" by electric light orchestra

| kill yourself part iv by suicideboys

| City Girl is a favorite. She just released Chroma Velocity, which is sick.

| I recommend Electro-Soma by B12. It's nice, calm IDM and definitely fits the insomnia mood.

| I really don't know why but I love the album Out of the Box 3 made by 天音

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzZ6-OqjoIg

| Five Nights At Freddy's OST

| Joy Devision in general
Dopethrone (the album)
Pink Floyd in general
Hate Forest
early Burzum
Hasami group
Sparklehorse (esp late)
Rachmaninov Piano Concerto no 2 (Nodame Cantabile and S. Richter's perfomance specifically)
early Death
early Bathory
instrumental albums by black metal bands, e.g. Kveldssanger and Blood in Our Wells
Texhnolyze OST if you're a head deep in shit
PURU PURU PURURIN for the special occasion

| Bit by a dead bed pt. II by foxing, good sad jam

| Clockartz - Resonance
Nothing.nowhere - black heart
Lorn - acid rain
Lorn - Anvil
Kretery - evilness
Slen - static
Dunkelheit (forgot artist's name )
Anaal nathrakh - forging towards the sunset
Dj thera - far away

Actually, just watch my youtube video for more songs not mentioned here


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