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Bands you want to like but can't

| Anyone come to mind? An artist that you really wish you could get into, but something just keeps it from meeting your expectations?

| The Jimi Hendrix Experience
I really want to like it, but I simply don't

| Black sabbath, figured it would open me up to the genre cause they're the ones everyone talks about but nope.

| Bikini Kill. I keep hearing that they are some legendary punk band, that all their songs are classics... but I don't get it

| >>568398 I love Bikini Kill, but... I can easily understand that. Their sound isn't really universal, much like a lot of old punk and riot grrrl bands...

| >>568414
idk. I feel like the music is way better than your average 90s punk band and the vocals are awesome, but i don't really get the lyrics. I may give them another try, though.

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This thread is permanently archived