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Trance and Other Genres

| May be getting the name wrong, but that's what I've always heard it called. Was too young when it was around to know about, or experience it. With stuff like Future and Trap being mainstream, I kinda miss the older stuff. Same with oldschool Skrillex-era Brostep, being that Liquid never really sat right with me.
Nowadays, the Wave grenres are pretty good.

You guys got anything you'd like to see back, or happen to know is still being made by some rando on Bandcamp?

| I really like psytrance like shpongle.

| solar fields is cool! earthsine, random friday and the mirror edge soundtracks are great albums, but, in my opinion, his ambient stuff is pretty weak

| Infected Mushroom? Boards of Canada? FSoL? Are these even trance?

| >>566415 Never heard any of those defined as trance, listening to them myself I'd say they were more IDM/EDM. Except FSoL, I have no idea for them, but they're neat, somewhat close.
When I think trance, I think stuff like TRakker, DJ Satomi, DJ Toxic, particular musics from the early 90s-'00s, then had a resurgence when everyone started uploading it to Youtube in '08-'11. Usually defined by a very particular set of early synths(pads?), with accented piano in cases. (Might be wrong)

| >>566247 Shpongled fan here too!
>>566415 IM is pretty great as well

| Trance dance prance lance

| Been getting into hardstyle and raw tracks recently takes abit of listening to but theres some really solid stuff

| >>566531 yea, I was never big on figuring out the genres, just know what I like when I hear it. From what you said, I have a few more...




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