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Fuck vaporwave and instant noodle depression...

| https://youtu.be/IpZxwe4SXY8

Three drummers? Ohhh, they all play different things at the same time? I'm gonna need the good speakers for this...

| https://youtu.be/FhKJgqxNDD8

This one's a little easier to listen to...

| C R I M S O N ☯ K I N G

| >>566379 got a chance to see them this coming fall, hope it works out, I can't even imagine what it would be like live.

| >two overrated works
gimme my One More Red Nightmare nigga

| >>566602 Starless is from the same album at least :)

| >>567169
doesn't make it any better, especially when it's right after (((Providence)))

| >>567318 okay, so it's your least favorite song on a great album, or maybe I shouldn't speak so soon... that still leaves two more songs it might possibly be better than. Why don't you tell us about it?

| >>567361
loud, abrasive and lightly repetitive, but solid as an intro to the grand structure of the album and a decent pleb filter
>Fallen Angel
good narrative lyricism, well-done introduction and instrumental layout, but somewhat of a decent track when it comes to the chorus. doesn't include the outro tho, which is pretty based
>One More Red Nightmare
witty and fun as fuck, an odd yet somehow great contrast to Fallen Angel and probably the best track in terms of drums

| (cont.)
a generally weaker contrast with an intro and middle that sorta overstay their welcome
epic instrumental introduction, great buildup and an absolutely cathartic culmination of an outro - the string / brass combo is godly and the whole thing just feels *right*

but it's still overrated, tho.

| (cont., again)
overall, Red's fine as an album, but it still has its lows. remove Providence, make Fallen Angel a bit shorter, add a twist to One More's final pre-outro bridge and it'd be a 10.

now listen to GY!BE

| What's that long and straight string instrument on the first video?

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