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The Doors

| Opinions?

| Good stuff

| i like doors

| "whiskey bar" is very catchy but a very creepy song

sorry jim but I am most definitely going to ask why I should "show you the way to the next little girl"

| i like doors

| Carpatian Forest <3

| I really don't get them. Listened to their debut album several times and just can't understand what's so great about their music. I have the same thing with Bowie too. Just can't see what was so original and innovative in this music. But, to be fair, Morrison's vocals are freaking strong.

| >>565420 Sometimes it can be hard to see the originality 30 or 40 years afterwards. You probably had to be there.

| >>565476 well, yes. But I'm trying my best to understand and take into account what kind of music movements were present in which time.

| And yes, it's still me, >>0888dd

| Their best work was after Morrison died.

| Bump bump

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This thread is permanently archived