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comfy songs for comfy mornings

| any? i don't have any :(

| In the middle of a heartbeat by Helloween
Crying in the rain by Whitesnake
Alone in the universe by Jeff Lynne
Rain by Gamma Ray
Love hurts by Nazareth
State of confusion by the Kinks
I'm a loser by the Beatles
Unforgiven by Metallica
Tears of ice by Stratovarius

| My go-to is Playboy's "Jazz After Dark" albums. Can be listened to before dark as well ;3

| lofi radio beats to study and chill to

or any biosphere songs
great big world is a classic and my favorite

| i don't like comfy stuff in the morning. i like stuff that gets me pumped up! try 6ix9ine, atari teenage riot or your fave punk band.

| OPN's A Pact Between Strangers.

| The name doesn't sound comfy but it is,
death cab for cutie is cozy
Samsa also made some super dope lofi rap stuff but sadly he quit making tracks

| biosphere and frad make nice music that might fit the theme of comfy music for comfy mornings :)

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This thread is permanently archived