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Music genres named after school subjects

| Are there any others apart from math rock?

| Modern English Poetry, AKA rap.

| >>560250 is math rock even a thing tho

| >>560327
yeah you dingus
look up American Football

| Music!

| >>560428
actually, american football is dad emo

| >>560327
if you want to listen to a trve kvlt math rock band check math the band the band!

| >>560811
since fuckin when

| Historical Hip-Hop

Example: my latest mixtape

| >>561047
you can't refute this, just watch the i've been lost for so long or the owen - settle down video. mike kinsella has becomed the ultimate emo daddy.

| >>561124
>post-1999 AmFoo
this was your mistake

| >>560327
yeah king crimson is the best math rock band

| >>561205 I thought King Crimson was prog rock?

| >>561190
>I'm just Jimmy American, living in my midwestern suburban home making out with my girlfriend Jane Whitegirl
>we're sad, but were not even sure what about, if we would want it to be different or how we would plan on changing anything
>we used to hang out and do things when we were younger. We still do, but we did it in the past. And were sad about this for some reason
>it's really emotional. You can tell, because he sings in a soft pitch and stretches words out really long

| >>561264
the true redpill is realizing that post-1999 americ anfootball and owen are B A S E D and that the americ anfootball record from 1999 is pretty cringe and sòy. the ep is okay, tho.

| >yadda yadda are buzzword and that the yadda yadda is buzzword and buzzword
good shit

| Deutschrock

| Art Rock and Art Pop

| Why don't you make your own genre with school subjects?

Algebraic pop and Biological metal sound like great genres for casual listening.
Better than textbooks and test anyway...

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