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What Vaporwave sub-genre does Danger/mu/ listen to?

| I prefer Future Funk and "Mall Soft", what about you guys?

If you don't know what Vaporwave is then go take a listen on "plaza.one", its a radio station dedicated to Vaporwave.

| plain old faux-utopian does the trick

| Does synthwave count?

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synthwave is mostly its own thing rather than a subgenre of vaporwave, so probably not

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meant to reply to this, whoop

| >>558091 >>558091 whats some good faux-utopian artists out there, i need to listen to the sub-genre a bit more :×

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* Person's Eccojams is a goddamn must; in spite of not entirely being faux-utopian, it acts like a vaporwave palette cleanser
* unironically the whole of Floral Shoppe rather than just focusing on *that* track; sth akin to the beginning of the sub-genre, really
* Nouveau Life's New World; a dive into the sub-genre after both of those intros
* Internet Club's Redefining the Workplace: congratulations, you now work at a dreamlike corporation. savor it, tbh

| addendum: Eco Virtual's Atmospheres series is beyond beautiful, try that out as well

| >>558159 good that i got most of those artists on file :>, now i must find more.

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essentially you can just go through all of Lopatin's stuff, really. includes Eccojams and all of his OPN shit like Memory Vague and Replica

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