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"New" Kero Kero Bonito video?

| does anybody know where i can watch the "picture this" video that was uploaded last week? it got deleted really fast :( i don't know why the band doesn't want us to watch it, though.

| no replies, but at least there is no crusherposting. i'm quite proud of you danger/mu/

| What's "crusherposting"?

| >>557506
it was some forced meme from /mu/ on 4chan intended to trigger sarah bonito waifufigs. it's really really annoying. people spam the thread with C R U S H E R (one character per reply) and post pictures of sarah's bf (@NexGenCrusher) showing his bulge (OwO). that's it pretty much

| >>e0ef7e I'm glad KKB is doing really well, but it's a shame they ended up attracting a ton of weeb fans who are unable to realize that Sarah is a person, not their fantasy "waifu".

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This thread is permanently archived