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Your favourite track out of VA-11 ost?

| Mine is either "Dawn Approaches", or "A Gaze That Invited Disaster".

| "Drive me wild" is my all time favourite

| Digital Drive and March of the White Knights is what I always put on the jukebox

| "Welcome to vallhalla"

| “a raze” i like it

| >>555886 Never heard of that one. Is it on spotify?

| >>555886
don't you mean "A Rene" ?

| >>555894

| Good for health, Bad for education

| >>ca7226
oh~My fault

| Does "Lifebeat Of Lilim" count...?

| Your Love is a Drug~

| Snowfall. Literally had 12 slots of it in my playthrough. (probably bc i was too lasy to reasonably choose tracks 2 times per night)

| Man I love “every day is night”, it just makes me feel so upbeat.

| I like the one that Garoad did.

| Safe Haven for sure. Just love listening to this while chilling/studying at home. Too bad I don't have a cat tho :(

| Every Day is Night. I pick my playlist randomly, but I always have that on Slot 2.

| safe haven and your love is a drug

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This thread is permanently archived