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If you like heavy dubstep, you have to check this out.

| PhaseOne's new Disciple mix Vol. 63, to go along with the release of his new Transcendancy album, is absolutely fucking wild. PhaseOne is definitely one of my new all-time favorite, if not new favorite dubstep artist. Mans is God-tier, no joke.


| Is heavy dubstep the same as deathstep?

| >>555404 it seems a bit tame, but I still like it. I recomend listening to se7en days from kroww and evilwave tinnitus. Code pandorum deathstep tutorial is also good.

| >>555408 Kroww and Evilwave are good, so is Code: Pandorum, but I like PhaseOne because he's heavy without needing to do only deathstep, like Excision, Space Laces, Oolacile, etc etc.

>lent iliad vigor

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This thread is permanently archived