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Those /u/sing the app...

| What's your favorite Va11HallA song to listen to on repeat?

Mine is Snowfall. Gives me the feels.

| Friendly Conversation and Good For Health, Bad For Education are my favorites.

| All systems go is my choice

| dusk. I think it looks well

| >>550546
Snowfall gurl checking out.

| Synthestich

| Your love is a drug is iconic

| Safe haven, I kind of got used to it during the other app's lifespan

| >>deb1c8 ye ye, probably the best. The little roll up at the start after a shift in the game always gives me the feeling of "It's safe to relax."

| I like the march of the white knights

| Welcome to Va-11 Hall-A

| >>551691 I like the way you interpreted that

| safe haven is not my favorite song but I don't want to listen to anything else when I open the app. it's part of the experience!

| I have a glitch on my new phone that freezes the app after entering jukebox so it plays all songs in order. But I prefer Safe Haven.

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This thread is permanently archived