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Recommended Some Cyberpunk Music

| That's it

| I tend to turn to synth genres. 80's vibe kinda gets thrown in the mix sometimes.


Monomer is great.
"crap cathy gould"

| Pertubator

| I need to stock up on more cyber/synthwave music with vocals because after a while all the synth-only stuff blurs together

| Listen to gunship or carpenter brut

| Pertubator recently released his early works, b-sides and remixes. I like his remixes of the synthpop band "dead astronauts" there:
Perturbator - B-Sides And Remixes Vol. I [Full Album] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOnb0Q0Szvk

| >>548162 check out dan terminus. he uses this real gritty kind of synth, and all of his songs are pretty distinct from one another and synthwave as a whole (i'm not even sure you can call it synthwave - terminuswave?)

here's the songs i think of when i think cyberpunk:

| https://youtu.be/KUO55a1bwZU

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