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Any composers here?

| Hello, my dear gurls, hope you all are having time of your lives!

I'm curious, are any of you making music? If so, what apps (Windows) do you use for this? I wanna give it a try! Plan to start with some nice lo-fi hip-hop tracks.

P.S.: Please excuse my English

| I use Cubase. It's an excellent program that's fairly easy to use, and the low end version is only $99.
Many people also recommend FL Studio.

| I use KXStudio repositories on top of KDE-Neon. I work with
- jackd (realtime audio driver)
- ladish, claudia, cadence (patchbay, device-/driver-/app-control and project management)
- non-mixer (mixer)
- zynsubaddfx, fluidsynth/qsynth, phaseex (soft synthies)
- hydrogen (drumsequencer)
- mididings (python script-fu for midi)
- kmidimon (midi observation)
- qtractor, lmms (daws)
- luppp (live loop program)
- audacity (audio recording and editing)
- guitarix, rakarrack (effects)

| Quite the setup

| I compose on an instrument. Never made a serious recording for a release or even demos. I'm collecting ideas rn and trying to git gud at playing.

| >>547440 >>547455 thanks, will look into it!

| >>547502 thank you too! Sorry, fat finger problems

| >>547502
Similiar to my setting. It does the job pretty well for low cost and with many devices. But don't expect it to work out of the box like the commercial hundred dollar system with the dependend thousand dollar equipment. Like often with free solutions you'll need some time to gain knowledge and arrange the components to your needs. Ok, if you want to make good stuff, you also have to do it this way with commercial sollutions, but they lure u with easy start, and then trap u

| If you need help with this >>547502 considered to get it here:

| For DAW I use FL Studio, latest version. However there are so many options when it comes to good DAWs. I just grew up with FL and mastered it. So one thing I can say is find a DAW you can vibe with and stick with it. For any other equipment/software you just got to experiment to find what you like. And don't be afraid to work with what you got. You don't have to have the most expensive gear to sound good. If you plan on recording live, A good microphone is definitely important.

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