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| I clicked in a lofi hip hop radio on YouTube and got addicted to this kind of music!
How can I go back to enjoying other types of music?

| It's too late. Just let it happen. Let the jams take over.

| I'm afraid you're lost now, don't fight back, it only makes things more dificult.

| Do these kinds of people listen to Joji and vape?

| >>543528 listen to house, then slowly climb back out through electronica



| Try other genres. Vaporwave has many, many subgenres, and some of them can be more lo-fi than lo-fi hip-hop

I can recommend you some true lo-fi stuff:

Symbolic - Memory Shrine

Vektroid - Telnet Complete

olli - Little Death

Tanning Salon - Dream Castle

These are more weird:

Vision Girl - デッドデッドデッドデッド

Vektroid - Big Danger

ニューシティ - METROPOLISからオーディオ

emperor tangerine - saltwater creek

| If you like lofi you should easily switch to vaporwave/daycore (internet club for example) then switch to faster vaporwave (blank banshee) then to future funk then to......and then to *your fav genre name*.

| >>543594 >>543596
thank you this is why i clicked the thread

| >>543528 If you're considering drugs, I definitely recommend a trip or two, it can really change shit.
Try Dark side of the moon when you're on a certain level.
Testing is cool, too.

| >>544164 Dark side of the moon is good without drugs, g/u/rl. Just learn to appreciate things sober.

| >>544338 Yeah but It's easier to lead the stray sheep that is OP back on track using drugs.


| Listen to some metal

| Deftones

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This thread is permanently archived