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Looking for some good emo bands.

| I'm about out of MCR and other more mainstream emo bands and I'd love to learn some of the less well known one's.

| I don't listen to that much emo but I love Sunny day Real Estate. They are an early emo band. Their album Dairy is probably the best to start with.

| You've probably heard them, but look up the first American Football album

| >>534974
american football is pretty sweet, i'm really hyped for their new album. if you like them, you should also check some more kinsella related projects like owen.

| >>534972
okay this made me laugh way more than it should.

my first emo record was i don't wanna look at the stars by kara's walk home, some literally-who band from bandcamp. here are some emo-pop bands which i enjoy:
- The Anniversary: moog synths, boy/girl vocals and classic rock influences
- Everyone Asked About You: more boy/girl vocals
- Rainer Maria: same
- Crying: 8bit synth, arena rock influences and great drumming. not sure if they're considered emo, though

| >>535023 Lmao oh crap I just noticed that i put dairy instead of Diary. google swipe typing kinda sucks sometimes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

| iDKHOW is an amazing band. They don't describe themselves as emo, but they're kinda emo. One of the members used to be in P!ATD

| oof, try The Get Up kids or something

| Probably not what you're looking for but since you mentioned MCR - Gerard Way and the Hormones, Frank Iero and the Patience, Electric Century are all good and different

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